Le Magie | Women's Clothing and Accessories made in italy

With the encounter of the previous experience of the two owners, Le Magie is born. We are in Pescara and it is 2010.

The name '' Le Magie '' immediately identifies the spirit of the store, unconventional and dynamic.

Since then women can be recognized in a style that blends in the everyday's practicality and the glamor of important moments, thanks to the meticulous attention to details.

This is how a new woman's idea emerges: dynamic, sensual, sophisticated and aggressive.

A woman distinguished by her modernity, always in the passage of time, contemporary, ironic, sensual; perfect to capture all the peculiarities of the total look Le Magie.

Always attentive to the stimuli, the store Le Magie, aims to integrate and enrich its offer.

Our values? Sensuality, elegance, femininity, quality, sophistication, innovation, versatility, distinction, timidity, emotion, aspiration!